How do I create a SmartLink?

First, sign up for Chartable and track your podcast. You can immediately use a SmartLink to share just one link on Twitter or Facebook to your podcast, rather than individual links to every player.

To start tracking downloads, follow these steps:

  1. Integrate our prefix. Add our Trackable tracking prefix to your RSS feed. It's easy—just follow our instructions or ask your hosting provider. And it's reliable—we're tracking millions of downloads per month with extremely reliable, redundant infrastructure. Visit your Integrations tab on your dashboard for instructions.
  2. Create your SmartLink. Select one of your podcasts. Then set up your rules—for example, direct iPhone listeners directly to Apple Podcasts, or let all listeners choose their preferred app.
  3. Start tracking clicks & downloads. Post your SmartLink to Twitter, Facebook, or your newsletter. Or use it when buying Google AdWords or social media ads. You'll see clicks come in instantly—and we'll start attributing any downloads within an hour.
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